ECO  Friendly Glasses!

These last couple of years, there was an ever-growing increase in demand for eco-friendly eyewear.
To fulfil this demand, PILOT OPTICS did a lot of research to find suitable and sustainable materials to make glasses.
I am happy that we could offer three different eco-friendly material options for frames now:
* Biodegradable frames (Corn cob, wheat straw, etc.)
* Recycled post-consumer frames (Recycled plastic, recycled metal, etc.)
* Plant-based frames (Castor Oil Material, among others)
Our lens is 100% recycled PMMA. Meanwhile, we offer eco-friendly glass pouches made out of recycled material too.
Every single piece of material we use can be reprocessed. Our team of professionals and technicians is here to ensure every pair of eyeglasses we make follows renewable standards.
Our factory is GRS-registered. That means each shipment we send out comes with a certificate issued by ITS lab, guaranteeing our customers that we used recycled material truly for that shippment.
Let's work together, create a more sustainable planet together!
-------- Maggie Xie ( CEO @ PILOT OPTICS)